Thursday, February 11

Entertainment, Do We Need It?

Entertainment is an activity that is diverting and that holds the attention, entertainment comes so many different forms most of which are available from home theater, DVD's, CD's, games, books and theater tickets, that suit to anyone needs. You can just choose any of them that might become your interest. But there's still another important question that still glaring in my mind, do we actually need an entertainment in our live?

Some people still discredited the importance on entertainment in their to do list, writing it off from their needs and consider it as a mere wasting time, unproductive and something that disconnect somebody from the real world, where for some people might spend dollars at GENEEE THEATRE TICKETS for the sake of entertainment.

But however, i believe that somehow entertainment is like close friend where we can lean on in the hard time, particularly when you need time relieve from your stressful activities, its actually refueling your energy and easing your tension. Even if you only spend hours waiting for Boston Opera House Tickets or Los Angeles Lakers Tickets, and it seems like you waste your precious time, but finally at the end you find relax and you might find out some solution for your problems.

When you consider all of those above, you might realized that entertainment whatever forms it is and whatever its cost is one of our need, at lease to some extend divert you from daily routine and keep you relax, while its also refueling you energy. Remember, for total health all you need is a healthy mind, so get entertain yourself when you find yourself in distress, bore and angry.


  1. Semua orang berhak atas keberhasilan. Hak tersebut sama untuk setiap orang. Yang mungkin berbeda adalah keseriusan setiap orang dalam mewujudkan impianya.

  2. Setiap orang pasti memiliki kekurangan dan kelebihan masing-masing. Jadikanlah hal itu sebagai warna dalam hidup dan jangan jadikan kekurangan yang kamu miliki sebagai sesuatu yang dapat menghentikan langkahmu.

  3. kita hidup hanya sementara, maka dari itu manfaatkanlah waktu yang tersisa ini dengan melakukan sesuatu yang positif.


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