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By the term globalization, therefore will promote towards better opportunity among people in the world so that it would minimize the percentage of poverty at the global level, and above all to create the condition of tolerance and promote democratic mindset in order to secure the world security.

In order to promote something it should be based on solid strategies which will help in achieving good result, as for globalization concern the spreading of global politics should be based on various basic:

1. Economic interdependence, where it become the most important agenda of globalization, because to maintain economic interdependence among countries will promote tolerance and will reducing the possible threat of conflict among states which might escalate to global conflict.

2. Promotion of tolerance in the mind of people that would be achieved through sufficient education and proper education that would help in the promotion of the globalization’s ideas.

3. Restructuring the failed states, in which since the event of 9/11 the focus of global politics would be the restructuring the failed states, because what failed states often result in economic chaos and mass violence above all it also become the global security concern from the threat of global terrorism which emerge from the failed states.

4. In order to smooth the progress of globalization there should be supporter by sufficient power that would be on the provision of international organization that will simultaneously carry on the progress.


One and the foremost important global issue was the issue of global terrorism, the "new war on terrorism" has invaded our lives and sucked in all our usual activities. Even before the start of military action, television, newspapers, e-mail and everyday conversation had all been overwhelmed not just by grief and mourning but by the new global coalition, troop deployments, intelligence efforts, the Afghan crisis and on and on. Normal debates about issues like education and health, climate change and biodiversity, corporate responsibility and debt reduction, not to mention the Balkans or Central America, have been suspended--unless, that is, these issues can somehow be related to September 11. The crime against humanity that took place on September 11 was so horrific and so shocking that this reaction is perhaps understandable (although the world did not shut down after the genocide in Rwanda or the fall of Srebrenica). Then we need politics, especially global politics. Not as a substitute for catching the perpetrators and bringing them to justice, but as a central part of the strategy for eliminating their activities.

Since the end of cold was we have witnessed the emergence of something that could be called global politics, cold war can be regarded as the last global clash between states, and it marked the end of an era when the ultimate threat of war between determined the international state system and when the idea was polarized domestic politics, but globalization in real sense took place after the end of cold war. Nowadays, as September 11th demonstrated too graphically, where we live in an interdependence world where we cannot maintain security just through the protection of borders, since interdependence means the end of state sovereignty where state no longer become the sole actor within their own border, there are various supra state actors that cross the boundary of state. Though states are still important, but their function in a world shaped less by military power than by complex political processes involving international institutions, multinational corporations, citizen’s groups and indeed fundamentalists and terrorist. In short global politics.

Post cold war, marked with the emergence of new type of war, where it should be understood within the context of globalization, they involve transnational networks based on political claims in the name of religion or ethnicity where ideas, moneys and mercenaries are organised.These networks flourish in states where systems of taxation have collapsed, where little new wealth is being created and those areas those areas of world where states have imploded as consequence of globalization on formerly closed, authoritarian system and it involve private groups or warlords as well as the remnant of political apparatus and the objectives was not for political victory rather it is political mobilization to expand the network of extremism through the strategy of fear and hatred, to create climate of terror to eliminate moderate voices and to defeat tolerance.

These wars are very difficult to contain and very difficult to end, the only possible exit route is political, there should be strategy of winning heart and mind to replace the strategy of fear and hatred, there should an alternative politics base on tolerance and inclusiveness which is capable of defeating the politics of intolerance and exclusion and capable of preserving the space for democratic politics. In the case of the current new war, what is needed is an appeal for global politics -not global American mindset politics- justice and legitimacy, aimed at establishing the rule of law in place of war and at fostering understanding between communities in place of terror. There needs to be a much stronger role for the United Nations and serious consideration paid to ways in which legitimate political authority can be re-established in Afghanistan. Political actions has to be combined with serious intention to combat social injustice, as tolerance politics cannot survive in the climate of violence there should be the need of military action to guarantee the security of individual and not national interest minimizing the casualties on both side even in the at the risk of its own casualties. Moreover such action should be legitimate on the basis on international law, the goal of war and the method of war need to respect both law of war and human right law.

To end this project the writer suggest that in order to minimize the global problem it is important to have international organization which is more democratic in nature, where each state having equal membership, hence to bring new transformation within UN organ is the important step toward global cooperation in order to bring peace and harmony among state.


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