Thursday, October 23

Energy Shortage

What would you expect when electricity is keep on shortage..? you will need extra income to keep fueling your extra energy, like generator, for some people will spend almost 100 liters per day just for run their generator power, to maintain their production or to keep their shop open for visitor.

But, in other hand for some small enterprise or home industry who couldn't afford to fueling generator will remain close, sitting and doing nothing, or just chatting in front of their shops, waiting an hour of loadsheding, which probably, at least they could do something if there is electricity.

Today, I've been surfing, googling, blogging when suddenly the light went out on unscheduled time, 5-10 minutes off, and after couple of 20 minutes the electricity just back again, but..what will you within 20 minutes for surfing, collecting data or just blogging..nothing...20 minutes only you can read but you can collect something, and usually after unexpected shout down your computer may need extra time for booting, checking the disk, and finally another period of leadsheding will come :(, i use very odds methode -writing on piece of paper- before updating the content of my blog.

Pre-Musharraf resignation, Pakistan have been facing a lot of country crisis, i thought the pressure on his resignation was only part of the crisis, he was one of casualty within this crisis. where after that, the so-called new elected president Asif Zardari has not yet doing something spectacular to bring out the country from ongoing crisis.

An ongoing political turmoil, war on terror, the country financial crisis that leads into the skyrocketing price of consumer goods, the collapse of local currency in international exchange rate, huge inflation, that force the government to take uneasy action like, cutting down the subsidies, increase more taxes, which bring more suffer for common people.

The recovery from country crisis has not been seen, where the wave of global crisis that sweep the global nation give huge charity in deepening the crisis. While in other hand country main agenda War on Terror is still continue and couldn't predict when it will over. Or might be until Pakistan declare the bankruptcy of the country. God knows...


  1. jadi inget pas di gorontalo ama batu malang . liat pemandangan kerlap kerlip lampu kota dari uphill .

  2. pemandangan malam kalo dilihat dari atas bukit pasti indah ya...


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